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Sunday Morning Playlist : Robert Plant “Band Of Joy”

Robert Plant – “Band Of Joy”

Robert Plant Band Of Joy - Cover Art

What a double-edged sword Band Of Joy is. Appalls and appeals in equal measure. Potentially.

It should appeal to Led Zeppelin fans because, well, it’s Robert Plant.

It could appall Zeppelin fans too – this was the second of successive Robert Plant albums that effectively nailed the coffin marked ‘Zeppelin’ firmly shut. Closing in on 3 years after this album’s release, that still remains the case, with the band virtually ruling out a reunion in a series of pressers in late 2012.

The Backstory

Hard on the heels of his mega successful Alison Krauss collab Raising Sand, he put the Zeppelin reunion beyond doubt in 2010 with this Americana / Rootsy album that was as far away from the land of the ice and snow as Sting’s recent Lute excursion was from “Roxanne”.

Unforgiving, one-eyed, nostalgia-leaning Zeppelin nut-cases have every right to be mighty ticked off at Robert Plant for this album. He’s appropriated the name of the band that provided half of the future Zeppelin line-up, and his refusal to participate in a Zeppelin reunion was due in no small part to this album (and its predecessor).

But I’m not an unforgiving, one-eyed, nostalgia-leaning Zeppelin nut-case. My standpoint on this remains as clear today as when I wrote this post a year and a half ago. Angry at Robert Plant for refusing to play ball on a Zeppelin reunion ? Bad. Freaking. Luck.

He’s walking the talk and in the process has stamped himself as an artist in the true sense of the word – always searching, always moving, always doing new things. Plant has passed on possibly the most bankable Rock Reunion of all time (second only to a Beatles reunion), by releasing two albums of hybrid Americana and Bluegrass. Ballsy.

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Why Led Zeppelin will NEVER reform

Courtesy http://www.arnnewsheadlines.com/ledzeppelinshow02.htm

Courtesy arnnewsheadlines.com/ledzeppelinshow02.htm

” It’s a bit of a pain in the pisser to be honest “

And with that (perhaps throwaway) line in a RS interview recently, so endeth Led Zeppelin.

That’s as good as you’re gonna get – Led Zeppelin is now over and the long vaunted re-union tour will not happen.

News Flash. Thank Christ. Confirmation of what we’d all suspected for a looong time.

Let’s face it, the signs were there and it didn’t take a genius to work it out. Plant’s actions (not words) of the last four years have been pretty steadfast. Raising Sand, his 2007 collaboration with Alison Krauss, and its subsequent success killed the reformation dead. The signs go back a bit further back than this however …

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