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Why Led Zeppelin will NEVER reform

Courtesy http://www.arnnewsheadlines.com/ledzeppelinshow02.htm

Courtesy arnnewsheadlines.com/ledzeppelinshow02.htm

” It’s a bit of a pain in the pisser to be honest “

And with that (perhaps throwaway) line in a RS interview recently, so endeth Led Zeppelin.

That’s as good as you’re gonna get – Led Zeppelin is now over and the long vaunted re-union tour will not happen.

News Flash. Thank Christ. Confirmation of what we’d all suspected for a looong time.

Let’s face it, the signs were there and it didn’t take a genius to work it out. Plant’s actions (not words) of the last four years have been pretty steadfast. Raising Sand, his 2007 collaboration with Alison Krauss, and its subsequent success killed the reformation dead. The signs go back a bit further back than this however …

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